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Day 62



So this past week I've broke out REALLY bad. The WORST one yet from my whole life of having acne and accutane. Like it's a continuous thing, everyday I get new bumps it's so weird because nearing the end of month 1 I was clearing up A LOT and then all of sudden a roller coaster turn. I'm confused, discouraged and embarrassed to go to school with my face looking a hot mess, but I need to suck it up.

My face is dry and peely, my lips are so dry it's so annoying, back is achy.

I need this month to zoom by because my face is a mess.

Mainly the sides of my cheeks and the sides of my chin.

Still hopeful and optimistic, but with a lot of effort!

But Tomorrow is the start of my 3 months so yay for that haha


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