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Me, myself and I.



I thought I should introduce myself. I am 22 years old, with pale sensitive skin. I sunburn easily and break-out with blemishes every time I use something with fragrance, dyes etc...

I thought someone might benefit from my trials and tribulations with my skin. So here goes.

It all started last year when winter hit. Before that, I had some acne as a teenager but it had cleared up when I was 18-20. It all came back and got worse as the air got colder and dryer.

It was hard to treat because the wood stove I had was also drying my face out and causing more acne. I had to wash my face of course because of my acne, but I couldn't find a lotion that moisturized it enough to combat the dryness and not make my skin react. I put a humidifier in my room at night and it did help, but it wasn't a cure-all. I am still wondering what I'm going to do about it next winter. I really hate the winter now. Maybe I should wear a ski mask? lol.

Summer is way better on my skin. My face no longer looks like a pizza. Although I've recently been breaking out again on my chin! It could be for a number of reasons:

(A) I tried using baking soda because I thought my skin was looking flakey, then broke out all over my chin and jawline! UGH!

(B) I've also been brushing my teeth a lot more lately because of braces and the toothpaste is drying my skin around my mouth.

(C ) I thought I saw some laugh lines so I've started using a new Derma-e organic wrinkle cream.

(D) I've been using a new lip balm. Or wearing too much makeup.

(E) I've had too much caffine or artificial sweetener.

So I don't really know where to start. :| I'll probably start by NOT using baking soda and stop staring at my face in the mirror, lol. So we'll see, I'll cut each one out until I find the culprit.


#1:The lip balm was definately a problem product so I stopped using it.

#2: I stopped using baking soda as an exfoliant and rplaced it with a loofa.

#3: My toothpaste was not the culprit because I've always brushed my teeth, so it would have happened sooner.

#4: The dermaE wrinkle cream I think is OK, but It's still under suspicion.

#5: I stopped all artificial sweetener and it did help in the way my acne heals faster after a major breakout.


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