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Diet Change, Green Juices a Go-Go!



I've been on a low carb diet. Been cheating a bit on some mesa sunrise cereal, but otherwise I've done a swell job avoiding rice, corn, and potatoes. I'm also limiting fruit to one serving a day max.

I also cut out my protein shakes. They are 'raw,' (made out of rice) but I seemed to be breaking out on my forehead. Part of this I KNOW is caused by my old shampoo. Add in chemical containing hair wash + MMA training (sweat like a effing east) and breakouts happen. But since on protein powder, these new pimples where under my skin, nothing like my forehead has experience before.

I'm also considering stopping or at least reducing my MMA workouts.

I started doing daily green juices. Cucumbers, parsley, lemon, kale, and Spirulina. Only done this for 3 days, but my face is starting to glow. It's rad. I also feel quite spectacular after drinking these.

I'll be posting pics of my face on June 1st.

I'm also considering doing 'skin resurfacing' at a local natural health 'doctor.'

Though, I'm fo sho going to do a bunch of research before going through with it.



Since may 12th, I've broken out on my forehead, above my lip, and my cheeks. My pimples on my cheeks where long-standing red marks that finally decided to make the leap and push out something. I think this is due to my green smoothies detoxing effect. Time will tell. Overall things are going good.


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