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Day 6



Well the flaking is here and my face is dry and tight!

So the dilemma was what to do with my face for work....so decided to brave it and just use some bare minerals powder conceler and blush. I must admit I felt a bit naked but it took some of the redness down on the spots and now my skin has started to flake it looked better than using a heavy liquid foundation.

My skin is quite sore as I have a lot of cysts from the breakout but am determined to leave them alone and not touch my face. I can honestly say that already my skin does not feel as greasy as normal and my hair is usually oily at the roots and again this is better already!

The itchy face though is driving me mad but can't wait to leave work and go home and slather on the moisturiser and relax.

I guess more flaking and breakouts to come but bring it on - I am going to embrace this as much as possible in hoping that a positive outlook will help get rid of this forever!

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Oh lady, I hope it gets better for you soon. You just have to get through this part. I saw that you posted a question asking what to do about cysts. I've been using Neosporin since I saw that! I'm hoping it works. You're smart to use less makeup right now, to let everything heal. I don't know if I could be that brave. I feel like I'm putting more on to hide the mess. Our skin is so sensitive right now, we have to be careful what we put on it. I keep forgetting about the time difference and came to see how you were doing today, but you update early in the morning for us over here! It seems like things change quickly from day to day, so even if yesterday was a very bad skin day, today could be a lot better. I'm hoping you're doing better today.

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