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Day 16: Great so far



Hello everyone,

So far I'm loving this treatment: I can really see tangible progress. Here's what I've done since my last post:

-Friday 5/21 (Day13) I did pick my face (I squeezed all clogged pores and scrbbed all dead skin off), but I don't think I did too much damage

- I did not wear makeup either Saturday or Sunday

- I wore chanel moisturizer on Saturday, but no moisturizer on Sunday because I didn't think the daytime moisturizer helped

-I applied Dan's AHA on Sunday night instead of moisturizer, to no ill effects this morning (did seem better than the moisturizer)

-Monday 5/24: I scrubbed all dead skin after long shower. my skin showed marked improvement.:I don't have any "active" blemishes anymore, only 5 healing ones, my pores are getting back to normal, I still have a lot of red/brown stains from all the old acne, but better than Day 1. And my skin is soft and almost not irritated at all. I did wear the almay makeup today, because there's still too many stains to go without. My chest is 99% healed and not irritated, but over the weekend I went back to Dan's BP + moisturizer because the AHA seemed unnecessary & was mildly irritating. Dan's moisturizer is the only thing I'm using on on my neck.

So from Monday thru Friday this week, my regimen will be:

-Night: wash gently (no picking, no scrubbing), Boots sensitve skin toner #7 to clean off makeup residue, chanel precision toner to close pores, Dan's BP gel + AHA on face. Chest: Dan's BP & moisturizer on chest Still sleeping on my back.

-Morning: NO PICKING, I'll try to minimize the scrubbing, boots toner before shower, chanel toner after, Dan's BP gel on face, back & chest, AHA on forehead & around mouth (where my skin is getting wrinkles), almay's 0.5% salycylic acid makeup, Dan's moisturizer on neck & chest.

We'll see if I can get through the week with minimal pickin & scrubbing...

Good luck to all!!


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