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stopped using vosene... for the sake of my hands



hi, vosene was working ok but my hands looked like they were 48 years old :S

plus I read that sodium laurel sulphate was a number 5 on the comodogenity scale which worried me as its in EVERYTHING including vosene.

since the weekend of the 16th of may I started having this huge breakout (before the weekend) I stopped using vosene (had a weekend away so couldnt shower twice a day anyway) and since the monday when I got back I have been doing my own oil cleanse with jojoba and caster oil. I rub it in and then wash it off.

my skin feels so much stronger now although the outbreak has continued, it feels like its healing better and its calmer.

I am also eating more of a paleo diet at present and I feel so much more alive right now :|

I will do this for a month and see how things so.

Its also a HUGE heatwave in the uk at the moment so I am getting sun.

its nice to take a break from treatments, especially since nothing was totally effective.


Ah Castor oil and Jojoba!please let me know how you get on with that..I've been meaning to try it.But as my skin is finally clearing and the redness slowly subsiding, I don't wanna jynx it!*i've started on a greek and honey yogurt routine now*so far so goodAlso i'm very glad to hear that you've stopped the Dreaded Vosene! I have tried it in the past and I have numerous friends etc who've been left worse for wear after "experimenting"Yes they ended up with cracked hands etc but more so their mild2light acne Just exploded!The Heat Wave Is Brill! it's like being back home again :) It's so lekker hot and perfect 'braai' (bbq) weather. lets just hope & :) it keeps up 'til the following week (and then some!) hey! And remember, cover up and plenty of SPF 50 + sunscreen! :D I sound like my nagging mother nowTot Ziens

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Durbaniter~ZitigatThankyou for the comment, I am enjoying my new routine so far. Because I am female and full of unstable hormones I am going to give this new regime 2 months to see it it is effective.I have been using factor 30+ so far and found that to be fine, I have no tan which is good :)Ill keep updating every so often as I progress but I will also be altering my diet a little too... a little until august then loads after august (my birthday and a festival so looking forward to that and all bets are off while I am away camping in a field)

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