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Day 5



Well the IB was so bad last night I ended up taking pain killers, the throbbing and hotness was unbearable - anyway I ended up sleeping with a wet flannel around my chin to ease the pain. Anyway woke up this morning to find it not so sore and decided that BOLLOCKS to it and am not going to wear make up and just sun screen and go for a bike ride as it was nice and warm.

Feel better without wearing that hideous mask as it's quite dry around the spots and therefore, ends up looking worse with make up plastered all over it and cracking. Still no real flaking though which is odd but definately all the rubbish is being pushed out of the skin from the sebaceous glands which is what I believe happens when they are starting to shrink.

God work tomo and have to figure out whether I can get away with just powder on my face i think its better that way at least it's not so tight.

Its really hard leaving the spots along I am only pressing the white pussy ones and the stuff ouzes out sorry TMI. The Derm said this was ok as long as I am not squeezing and damaging the face and leaving the big cystic ones alone as there is nothing in them and they have to go down on there own!


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