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Day 13

Whoaaaaaa initial breakout hell. I stayed at my parents house this weekend, along with my brother and sister-in-law. I wish I could have stayed home instead, where nobody could have seen the mess that my skin has become. I forgot my Aquaphor for my lips too, I'll never, ever do that again. I keep a tube in my bathroom at home, and one at my desk at work. I need one in my purse as well. I tired using my good lipgloss, but that didn't work at all. My lips were peeling by the time I got home today. As soon as I put the Aquaphor on, they were back to soft and not all tight and crepe paper feeling. So the Aquaphor is the way to go for sure! Not as if I had a doubt for sure, but being without it, made me realize how well it was working for me.

I think this is even harder to take right now, because I went on antibiotics again for a little over a month before starting Claravis, and that mostly cleared my skin up. I was enjoying that, now I have some big, painful bumps. My nose was peeling, but now it's just shiny and soft, like after a sunburn peels. My forehead looks great, and my pores are smaller there, so maybe that's a preview of what the rest of my skin will look like? I don't get many pimples on my forehead anyway, mostly on my chin, cheeks, and around my nose. Everywhere else is a mess. I have huge pimples, and small rashy ones, and then some that will heal before they even turn into a whitehead.

My nose and forehead are still really, really oily. So much more than usual. I'm having to powder my nose a few times a day, or it looks weird. I have a combination of really nice, smooth skin, and huge nasty pimples. The places that are not breaking out have become softer with smaller pores! So strange. I think it makes the pimples look even worse. My makeup doesn't want to stick to the oilslick areas, and it's cakey on they flakey skin. I'M A MESS! This will pass, I know. It's just gross right now. I feel gross.

Oh, and I took a picture tonight that I'll just consider my before, because my skin's getting pretty bad right now and I don't have any from before this last course of antibiotics, when it was REALLY bad. I posted it in my Accutane log thread, since we can't post pictures in out blogs?! And I can't get it to link to my blog! ACK! Anyway, if you click on my username, you can find recent post and it's in the Accutane log forum.


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