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Skincare for dry skin with acne



Having dry skin and acne is very unfair. Most products that heal acne can be drying, so it just makes you more uncomfortable. Here are products I used when on accutane (which drys your face up like nobodys business) that really helped.

1. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream- Everyone usually uses Aquaphor when on accutane, or for dry spots. I had beed using aquaphor as lip ointment, but immediately stopped when I learned what was in it. Petroleum and chemicals. EW! Never again. I have since been searching for a natural twin of this product, which is how I found Egyptian Magic. Egyptian Magic is a 100% organic solid oil (think waxy like petroleum) and only has like 6 ingredients that come from plants and bee's. It works amazing for the lips (I still use it for my chapstick) and other dry spots. I wouldn't use it as a face cream though, because it clogged my pores when I used it for that.

2. Grapeseed or jojoba oil- These oils won't clog pores at all and will work very well at moisturizing the skin (can also be used in hair as a leave in treatment).

3. Aubrey Organics Evening Primrose soap- good foaming soap that cleans skin well without drying out skin

4. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta shower gel- This product isn't really a gel, but a bottle filled with rose hip seed oils as well as other oils. You simply apply it to wet skin (it warms up and feels amazing), cleanses your skin gently and should then be just washed off. I recommend this for the days when your skin is just so dry, the thought of putting any cleanser on your face hurts. I 100% guarentee that it will not dry out your skin, but cleanse it and lubricate it.

5. Aubrey Organics Rose hip moisturizer- this is great lotion for dry skin, and is incredibly moisturizing. Believe me, I've tried high end products that don't do sh*t for moisturizing, and can say that this one really does a great job.

6. Wait, what about toners?- I really don't think toners are necessary, and just overcrowd a beauty regimine. I feel that as long as you use a good cleanser, you won't need a toner/astringent. I simply splash cold water on my face after I get out of the shower, which closes the pores.

I hope this helps and good luck!


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