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almost done!



Day 170;

so i just had my last appointment. i'm pretty much done. well' i'm supposed to be, but i still have 20 pills left. soooo i'll be done next week sometime. i still got a couple zits during my last month, and in fact i have on right now... i think its more like a cyst though. but the zits went away within a couple days, hopefully this one i have right now will too, even though it appears to be a cyst...

But! good news! i woke up this morning, and my skin looks so clear :| i'm not going to wear make up today. afterall, all it ever did was make the scars less noticable, and right now they look less noticeable than ever! i think it's because with summer here (finally) my face is a little tanned, so they blend in... not the best way, but it happened on accident! :)

well i'm so happy now that i get a glimpse of my skin COMPLETELY clear, with barely any scars :)

i'll post again once i finish my pack of pills.

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Cool, good to hear! I'm prob gonna start amnesteem ext month, it's cheaper than the other stuff, but it's the same thing. I hope to have good results like you!

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