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Warning: Long Moany Entry! .....and New Meds!



Week 11 of Differin, Start of week 1 of Retin A and Antibiotics! :|

Yesterday really was a bad day!. The woman in Watsons (a chemist type store in HK) literally ran after me in the shop with some spot cream (that I'm positive would never work for me) asking me if I wanted to buy it...it's the same woman who ran after me last time I was in HK so I was really pi**ed off! :) Instead of swearing at her - I politely but firmly said 'no thanks' but I swear if she ever does it again I'm might be done for assult! Also, my Coach bag strap broke the first time I used it so I took it back yesterday and its going to take 1 month to repair and I didn't even get an apology - the damn thing was faulty when I bought it so they could at least replace it but no! That is the first and last time I ever buy a designer bag!!!! I'm also writing a letter of complaint haha!! :dance:

Well, this week has been a shocker for my skin! Extremely depressing as I broke out with about 5 red inflamed spots that came from nowhere at the beginning of the week- mainly on jawline, chin and 1 on my cheekbone! I saw the derm yesterday and he was like 'oh!, looks worse than before!' typical - back to square one! He said that after 2 months of Differin I should have stopped breaking out and if at 3 months I am having inflamed breakouts still then it isn't working for me ... I took photo's today and because I have this new camera that's clearer it does look v bad compared to week 1 although I think it is probably similar to then! This is really bad timing - poolparty for bday is in 2 weeks - I will be 26 years old!! When is the skin nightmare going to end - just keep thinking these should be the best years of my life looks-wise (will be getting wrinkles soon!) and I have to put up with damn spots...grrrrr :(

Anyways, the derm then looked at my back too and said that was worse then before as well and that the weather is obviously not helping things... Fat lot i can do about that! So, he decides to give me 2 months worth of strong antibiotics (that I've used in past and have only worked a little on clearing my back!) and for my face said I need something stronger than Differin. I had no reaction to the Differin really apart from one sore dry eye so he thinks Retin A may help speed things up a bit. I'm feeling a bit down because:

a) My digestive system is really not great over here anyway...so I'm worried about the antibiotics!

b) I also don't believe it will help long-term as I have had antibiotics numerous times before

c) Retin A is similar to Differin but stronger so I'm not sure that topicals are the answer for me...

d) Plus he's costing me a small fortune - its more expensive to get a consultation that all the meds!!

The positives I can think of are:

a) Accutane would potentially damage my body more than antibiotics so I should give it a go!

b) It might work. I try it for 2 months and see - If it doesn't work then I go back to the same guy who knows me and if accutane is the only other answer so be it...

c) I hopefully wont get a bad retin-A breakout because my skin is used to similar chemicals

d) Because he's costing so much I'm determined not to give up - I will be so persistent that he'll have to sort me out!

e) The Retin A may help improve old red marks etc so even if I continue to breakout then it has to be better than nothing!

Positives outweigh the negatives so must continue and psych myself up for phase 2!


Oral tablets:

Antibiotics, Doxycycline 100mg twice a day after food with loads of water.

Zinc tablets, multivitamin tablets

When i've finished lactose intolerance course of good bacteria, have pre/probiotic tablets daily too.


Cleansing: Bioderm Oil control Cleanser - its gentle, supposed to control oil and was from derm originally - I have 2 months of it left at least so it will work for this 'phase'.

Treatment: 10mins after cleansing use small amount of retin A cream all over at night. Every other night for first week or two then every night. PLUS, if skin is ok with it, tea tree oil to individually spot treat painful ones that i'll be tempted to pick.

Moisturiser: Stick with Body shop Aloe Vera SPF 15 day moisturiser and use BS Vit E moisturiser at night where/when needed. Also, if it gets flaky i'll use Bio-oil.


Cleansing: Tea tree antibacterial wash in shower once a day - the rest of the time using water only.

Treatment: Decided to use BP 2.5% on back at night only (can't take the staining of my day clothes!) as extra to derms orders because he just gave me antibiotics for my back and i've used BP on there before with some success (unlike on my face).

Moisturiser: I have some AHA left so will continue to use some of it but after no moisturiser needed - it doesn't dry out at all usually but we shall see with using BP...

Other stuff: Keep on exercising as usual. Drink much more water/ green tea. Eat more plain veg and less oily Chinese foods when possible.

So quick update where I am on Week 1 of RetinA/Antibiotics:

Face: Some cysts under chin, back of jawline. Lots of red marks from recent breakout. Lots of blacheads and generally oily skin.

Back: Much fewer small bumps but some inflamed ones on lower and centre of back. A few red marks from last few weeks breakouts that are healing.

Exercise: Swimming x1, Yogax 2, Davinax2, Davina Situps x 2.

Diet: Pretty healthy apart from cookies I ate when I was feeling crap last night&this morning - oops!! :(

Fingers crossed for better results for this regime!! :)


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