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Day 58



Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting daily, but I took a sharp turn and my improvement went down the drain. I broke out again pretty bad. I flared up all over my cheeks and some on my forehead. It was like back to week 1-2. I was pretty confused why I was breaking out again near the end of month 2 but I guess it happens. As of right now I'm recovering from the break out and it's almost all gone, just healing the scabs and red marks.

This stuff is bipolar I swear, one day I'm clear and fine, the next day I go to school looking like Shrek haha. It's whatever though, no one seems to notice much.. but I DO! I hate it, but I still have faith. Did I really have like 2 months worth of gunk in my pores to push out ?!

On to the side effects, I've been a little moody and depressed nothing severe though and my back is a little sore. My rashes are all almost gone. I still get clots of blood after blowing my nose, and the sides of my mouth are dry along with very dry lips. My skin is thinning out as well, for example if I hit something like the wall not even that hard, i'll start bleeding from a cut and the wall has a smooth, dull surface lol.

Just got to suck it up and deal with it :|


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