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Week Nineteen: Day 129



'ello everybody! So te letter next to j doesn't work now. Okay, ere's some interesting facts about my recent failures wit te Regimen.

I went to Disneyland on a band trip (woop! We played a concert tere)

And realized I ad left my treatment portion of te regimen at ome.

I felt sooo bad once I found tat out.

So I didn't use benzoyl peroxide for..four days. I still used cleanser and moisturizer toug.

I do ave a lot of small red irritated acne on my nose and probably more to come.

Also yesterday I forgot to put moisturizer on so my skin was very red and kind of burning te majority of te day ,ten I used AA+ tat nigt so my skin is pretty tigt today.

But yea.

As for life, I found out someone I kind of ad a crus on likes one of my closest friends and wanted to ask er out. Fortunately e's also good enoug friends wit me to ave been comfortable talking to me about it. (oter people were tere toug so we kind of ad to guess wat tey oter person was saying witout actually identifying te subject). I said it was a mistake (te girl e likes as been in a relationsip wit te first guy se likes since last december and teir friendsip goes back farter tan tat,) but e didn't want to know wy.

So yea. Basically I tougt e wasn't into relationsips so I never felt bad about us being simply friends, but now I realize e doesn't ask me out because e doesn't like me and teres noting more to it.

I was real bummed at first but I'm getting over it. Tere's still a cance e could like me but you know, tere's no point in wasting away over one person in igscool.

I'm actually triumpant becasue I felt pain over someone else besides my ex. (wo is still dating tat oter girl btw. I tink its going to be is longest relationsip yet)

So tis summer I migt take yoga or karate or someting in addition to training for a sport next year. (eiter swimming or cross country...posisbly migt wimp out of bot)

and opefully I'll write more enties. sORY if tis one was ard to read! My keyboard is orrible!


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