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Day 3



Well nothing much hapening to be honest, just a slight tingly itchy feeling on lips and face and some warmth but nothing else. Have major spots at the moment aswell and they are really angry and sore. Am waiting for something to happen it's hillarious as I am dreaming about flaky skin aswell :)

My parents are over at the moment visiting and we all went out for dinner last night and I feel like an animal in the zoo with everyone asking 'anything happening yet?' like they expect me to suddenly shed a layer of skin right there and then at the table :|

Anyway I did notice when I went to the toilet this morning that my urine was a green colour which I have read is normal.

I was put on 40mg of Accutane so I hope this is enough and things start to happen soon - I never was the most patient of people!!!

Anyway blog again when there is more to report.


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