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First blood nose!



Oh dear, today I had a blood nose! Now, I have just had a nasty cold so my nose has been through a bit of trauma these past days, and also the accutane has dried everything out. I should have been EXPECTING this! Anyway, it wasn't too bad and stopped pretty quickly. I have decided to start using Fess Nasal Gel which is a moisturizer for your nose. I have a sample here, so after I use that up I'll know if it's good enough to buy a full size. Last time around I used vaseline on a cotton bud and just smeared it up there every night before bed. It seemed to do the trick. Although last time around the nose bleeds were only at night and only in the last couple of months of treatment.

Another weird symptom: I had redness around my eyelids yesterday. It looked like I was wearing eyeshadow! It's gone today, but was kinda strange :|


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