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Day 10



It is 1201am - so officially it would be considered day 11 for me.... and it is officially the weekend!!!!!

I don't have much to complain about today as my skin did not act up - nothing really new on my face - just four spots of concern that I have been working on all week (and a new one trying to emerge on the right cheek by the ear). The explosion of new pimples that I got at the beginning of the week have mainly been treated. My skin really simmered down today and I was somewhat impressed. Acne is like bi-polar disorder though - constantly up and down... so no point in holding my breath...

I continue to have issues with wanting to fast forward to month five and have this whole process behind me, with clear skin (fingers crossed). Trying hard to find the patience.

Still haven't worked out yet (where are you motiviation?)...my scalp is on fire! It itches constantly - wouldn't be surprised if some of my coworkers start thinking I have lice, as I feel like I am scratching all the time. My skin is not dried out yet - as far as my lips, as long as I apply chapstick periodically through the day - I avoid the chapped lips. My skin wasn't oily today however- which is the first time in a million years that it wasn't all slimy and shiny by noonish...

Does this medication also help shrink your pores? My pores are ginormous (sp?) so I was just wondering.

On a positive note, I have been utilizing more healthy eating habits. I have pretty much cut out soda, and only have my cup of milked down coffee every morning as far as the caffeine intake goes. I also know that I have been drinking more water since beginning the treatment.


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I'm happy to hear you haven't had many side effects, that's great! Are you already using a good moisturizer as a preventative measure? I totally understand what you mean with the scalp itching. I picked up some Head & Shoulders the other day.

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Hi Michelle,I'm on day 5 and I'm starting to notice that my skin is drying out. My chin is starting to flake but my T Zone is starting to get a little more oilier than normal. I usually have dry skin so this oil is something new for me. My lips are really dry and borderline chapped. Other than that, I haven't experienced any other side effects. As far as the itchy scalp...I highly recommend the following product. I use this in my hair and it works wonders. I'm half black and half Irish, so my hair is super curly but I often straighten it. On the days I have straight hair and cannot wash it, this product soothes my usually dry scalp. Even though its technically an "African American" hair product....my (white) mom uses this too and she loves it. It's not too heavy or greasy at all and gives a nice tingly feeling when applied. Just part your hair into sections and apply a small amount down the part with your fingers. Its called Stimulating Scalp Oil and the brand is Influance. Here's the link:Good luck with everything and I'll keep up with your progress! :)-Loni

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hmm..don't know why that link didn't post. If you go to influancehaircare.com, click on finishing aids on the left, then click on stimulating scalp oil

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