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Day 1



Well here we go, Day 1 of the Roaccutane!

Little bit of history so far..........

I am 35 and have suffered with Acne for around the last 10 years but mine got worse when I got divorced when I was 30 I think the stress triggered it all off. Have taken everything:

Differin Cream

Minocycline Tablets

Doxycycline Tablets

Oxytetracycline Tablets

Acid Peels

N Lite Therapy

IPL Laser Therapy

Various creams/lotions and potions.

Anyway I am a Brit living in Amsterdam with my Boyfriend so it's not great seeing Dermatologists who hardly speak any English you end up doing sign language.

Anyway it's quite good over here as its like the US you pay for your insurance monthly and most stuff is covered. I was referred to a Derm at the local hospital and he agreed Roaccutane was the only real option left! I just can't go on like this anymore I feel so miserable and should eb thinking about anti-aging not acne at my age! I am just so sick of rushing to the bathroom each morning to see what erruptions have happened overnight. I HATE IT. I just want it gone at last so I can carry on without this depressing curse! I feel so self concious all the time especially at work as I work with virtually all men and just feel so hideous! I am sure they are not really looking but it's a pride thing!

Anyway today is Day 1 and I am moving forward and feeling positive - have been prescribed 40mg and took them at 10.00 am this morning - obviously nothing has happened yet but we will see.

Will keep you all posted :|

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Woooo! You started Accutane! I'm excited for you. We have a little group of people who all started around the same time- Michelle, Lori, and I, and now you. It will be interesting to see how everyone does. I hope the first few weeks go well for you.

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