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Almost 3 weeks in. Supplements...



I'm almost 3 weeks along now and things are great. I thought I might post about the supplements I'm taking. Daily, I take the following: vit B, zinc, fish oil, Vit C. I read that these might be beneficial to reduce side effects of accutane, and I know that in my case it seems to be working. I'm thinking of taking some spirulina too, but want to wait a while to make sure I'm not going to flare anything up.

Weird symptom of the day: tight scalp. My scalp feels really tight, like it's pulling from ear to ear around the back of my head, like I'm wearing an invisible head band or something. I have no itchiness or flakiness, just this tight feeling. I'm going to massage my scalp with coconut oil tonight and see if that helps. It's really weird though, I don't remember ever feeling this before!


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