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Wed 5/19/10: Day 11



Hello everyone, this is just going to be a straightforward journal, where I keep track of my progress with the treatment, so please forgive any lack of writing flourishes.

I found acne.org on Sunday 5/9/10 (Mother's Day), when I was feeling really desperate about my skin. I'd just turned 39, was 7 weeks into recovering from surgery (to remove a fybroid and endometriosis), and my skin was worse than ever. I've always had mild/moderate acne, I've tried every treatment, nothing worked permanently, but my skin felt totally out of control this time: I was breaking out where I never had before: my temples, the sides of my face, my neck, my chest. Mostly giant clogged pores, a few whiteheads, lots of melasma and red/brown spots from previous breakouts

I started Dan's Regimen that night, because I happened to have maxclarity's 2.5% BP foam on hand. The 1st week my skin dried out completely, but got extremely red and flaky. Some of the BP cleanser ran down my neck while washing and dried my neck so severely I had to put cortaid on to stop the cracks and itching. But I was amazed at how fast most blemishes all dried out. I used chanel's precision moisturizer, until Dan's products arrived. That worked very well for my face, not enough moisture for my neck though. I realized my main problem is that I pick and I scrub my face too hard with towels to get rid of the flaking skin (I can't stand the sight of clogged pores, and they are so easy to "clean" I can't help myself), but I've managed to significantly reduce the amount of picking & scrubbing this week (not completely, though). I've also been using Almay's blemish clearing makeup 0.5% salycylic acid, because I can't stand the sight of my skin right now, and it does seem to be helping with the drying and clearing. I've also continued using Neutrogena's non-alcohol toner because washing gently and pat-drying was not cleaning all the makeup off at night. And finally: I'm sleeping on my back to minimize any skin irritation.

On Friday 5/14 Dan's products arrived and I switched. His gel is amazing. A lot easier to apply than the foam, and a whole lot less irritating. My irritation pretty much went away over night. I used Dan's moisturizer for 3 days, but switched back to Chanel because it just feels better and seems to control oil and reduce pore size. I'm still using Dan's moisturizer on my neck though, because it's more moisturizing than Chanel.

I also switched to Dan's AHA for my chest because it seems like it's all I need now!

I'm now using Chanel's Precision toner instead of Neutrogena's before applying the BP gel (much, much better than any toner I've ever used, although ridiculously expensive...maybe when I stop having to wear makeup, I can give up the toner)

In summary:

-After 1 week of Dan's regimen, but not Dan's products: 90% of blemishes dried out, but extremely dry, red and irritated skin. I'm very hopeful

-Week 2: After 4 days on Dan's products (cleanser, BP treatment, moisturizer on neck, AHA on chest) except for chanel cleanser & toner: 95% of blemishes cured, skin irritation GONE, pores VISIBLY REDUCED), this is awesome I'm thrilled. I'm still wearing makeup though, because I have many many discolorations from previous blemishes and my melasma seems to have gotten worse since I stopped the hydroquinone (they so seem to be clearing slowly however). I'm still picking and scrubbling a little (but much less than before).

Can't wait to stop wearing makeup! (I hate it and until this latest crisis hit, I only wore it rarely, to parties or interviews and such...not on a daily basis like I'm forced to now).

Will keep posting...


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