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Arrested for Acne? (Day 11)



I skipped school yesterday. Yes, I was so ashamed of the hormonal retaliation taking place on my face that I just couldnt bring myself to go to school. :) I ended up going to Starbucks and sitting inside for an hour. With all this school I've been missing lately, I'm surprised I haven't had a visit from the law. They'll ask me what my motive was:

"abuse? drugs?"

And I'll reply:

"Yes, acne has bruised my heart and drugged my soul." Ya think they'll take that well?

I.am.crazy. :|

This morning I have yet another giant dime-sized zit under my eye. The nausea and headaches are slowly going away though and my last breakout is starting to heal.

Keep Loving Jesus! <3

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Have you tried a mask? Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask is only about $4 at CVS, and you get a huge tube of it. It smells really minty and fresh and feels cool. It sucks the oil out of your pores (you can actually see little dots of oil as it dries). I use it to spot treat the occasional zit on my face during PMS (most of my skin problems are on my body, where I can't use a mask :)> )Yes to Tomatoes also makes a good oily skin mask. You should try one. They're relaxing.Have you gone to a doctor about the headaches? That's kind of worrisome.

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