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Day 2



Well, today is day 2 and I don't feel any different. I'll have to remember to take pictures of myself in the morning before I put my makeup on. My dark scars are ugly, I totally plan on getting laser resurfacing when this journey is complete. If anyone knows any remedies I can do to help my scars during accutane I would appreciate the advice.

Good luck to everyone, thanks for reading :|



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Hi Loni,I should be starting tomorrow with Accutane aswell so we can compare notes! I also have erally bad scars and think it would be nice once all the spots clear up to have something done for them as I am so sick of covering them up with heavy make up and still being able to see them. PLus when I go on holiday those first few days without a suntan and no make up is hell for me - just want to hide.Good luck and I will be monitoring your progress.

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Yay! Day 2! I'm excited for you, don't be scared by my side effects. Remember, we're all different. Maybe you'll get away with no initial breakout, how nice would that be? And if you don't we're all pros by now at dealing with those pimples. The scaring is a major issue for me as well. If you look in the forum list, you can find suggestions for scaring. People are using lots of different things. Retin A is one solution, for changing the texture and appearance of your skin. But, you can't use this until you're done with the Accutane. It takes time for the red marks to go away. I know that laser resurfacing and chemical peels are very effective. I plan on looking into both of these options when I'm done and see where my skin's at.

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