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Day 8

Accutane Experience


Today I could cry. I am having some kind of reaction, I noticed it last night. My skin between my eyes and up my forehead and on my chin looks kind of puffy and is dimpled like an orange peel and really rough. It looks like hives, even though I've never had them in my life, but my skin's not red. My face feels AWFUL.

My lips feel tight and are sucking up the Aquaphor almost as soon as I apply it. I am just uncomfortable. I also have a huge pimple between my eyes that hurts, and one on my forehead. Not terrible, as far as an initial breakout goes, but the pimples hurt on my puffy, dimply skin. :|

I went and got CereVe moisturizer and face wash at lunch, along with some Benadryl to see if that will help, although I'm not sure it's an allergic reaction. I suppose I should call my derm. in the morning if it's not better. I'm pretty sure it's just my skin's way of adjusting. Oh, and I still have oily patches on my nose and forehead. OH MY HECK.


Hi Shana,Ugh, I'm sorry you don't feel good today :) Man, its amazing how quickly the side effects come into play. I hope the benadryl works for you, but I bet its your skin adjusting like you said. I haven't even gone out and bought all of the supplies I need. This morning I used my BP face wash (I know I need to stop that). I was using Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer for a long while and I really liked them. I was reading another member's blog and she posted a link to some cleanser and moisturizer that was made to be used with accutane. It's supposed to help alleviate the redness and flakiness. I'll post it for you, I think I'm gonna order it: Avene Clean-AC Cleansing Cream & Moisturizer. Dermstore.com has them for $16 each. Keep us posted on how your skin responds to the bendadryl. Every post I read on here says to "hang in there" haha, and that's what we have to do. I also read that fish oil helps with the body aches. I think everyone has their own concoctions so we're gonna have to see what works for us. Get a good night's sleep and I hope you feel better tomorrow :)-Loni

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Hey chick,Not a great day then - I did read about the whole rash/hives thing! Just keep thinking about the end goal!!!!! Maybe a call to the Derm would be good just to check in on it.I am anxiously awaiting a call from the Derm at 12 noon for blood test results and then hopefully I can go and get the meds today/tomorrow. I live in Amsterdam and am British so it's kinda confusing to be honest over here with me not speaking Dutch.I have woken up today and have nasty cysts around my mouth and my glands in my neck have sowollen up under my chin as a result and it hurts so much to even talk just dont want to be at work at all feel miserable :) Anyway I will definately create a blog when I start as I really think the support on here will help me loads.Hang in there mate :)

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Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Loni- I'll check out the cleanser & lotion to see if it's much different than what I'm using. The reason I chose the CeraVe is because I've seen people here using it, and it's supposed to be good for sensitive skin, while moisturizing and not clogging the pores. That's hard to find in one product! I can also pick it up at my local Walgreens. But if you order it, please let me know how you like it and if it's working well for you. I may get it. After all, I have 4 months of this and I may want to switch it up.Coxy- I hope you get your results today and get the OK to start. That sounds so uncomfortable. It will be so when those cycts are gone. They can get so uncomfortable. I just had 2 right next to each other on my jaw that didn't go away for over a month. They hurt so bad. I understand exactly how you feel. Let's hope you can get started ASAP.

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