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The Old Man at Ross (Day 10)



Yesterday, I again forced myself to leave the comforting walls of my home. :) I went to Ross and walking in I was thinking to myself: ok, i am going to hold my head high and look out of the corner of my eye at everyone around, trying to see if they're stairing at my acne (yes, I have grown accustomed to doing this). It was horribllleeee. :) I felt so miserable. I tried to only go down aisles I knew had no one in them. Then, when I was in line to buy my things, an old man came up and stood behind me. I was trying to keep my face turned away because I didnt want him to see the petri dish that my face has become, but he started talking to me, so I had to turn and look at him.

When did this happen?

When did the opinion of some random elderly man affect me so much??

Today, I woke up with 3 new little friends. One is a cyst and the other two are just bright red bumps that are going to bring me down all morning. :| Howeverrrr, I am going to KEEP KEEP trying to live life, without the consumption of acne.

Keep loving Jesus! <3


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