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Say hello to all my battle companions



Today is a big day coz it's the day i join this big army. I think it's nessecery to introduce myself here. Well, i am a 20 year-old chinese girl studying in Australia.Ive been fighting against acne since i was in middle school in China...like 7 years ago....At the beginning it's not a big deal coz they were just little bumps ,and i choose to ignore them. However as the pressure of the study beomes bigger and i was older... it becomes heavier and heavier... So the war broke out eventually. When i was in China ,i kept eating Traditional Chinese Medicine and it really worked.It not only contol my pimple but also reduced them gradually. Though it took a long time like 3 months ,it helped me to cure pimple from inside of my body rather than outside. But, since I come here in Australia , I stopped Chinese Medicine treatment.....and now......they come back again!! and they become worse and worse......sometimes I indeedly feel so desperated...im afraid i may miss the most beautiful years in my life........At the same time i insist on baring my face to the public without any makeup...Where does this courage come from? CONFIDENCE!


During the following months, i will record my treatment and my daily things here with the purpose of finding out the tracks and standing with my battle companions.

At the present. I AM A 3-days PROACTIV USER.

i usually wash face with proactiv cleanser twice a day in the morning and at night.

ok, im going to rinse my proacti facial mask now,and gonna sleep soona around 00:00..i Planed to get up at 7:30 tomorrow.



Can you explain or post a link about the traditional Chinese medicine? I would love to read up on that, and see what it is about.Also, good luck on your journey I hope the battle is short and smooth sailing for ya'.

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Im so glad to see my blog's first visitor here and happy to know u r interested in our traditional Chinese medicine. Basing on my own experience,if u wanna let it be ur treatment,u have to go to a *GOOD* herbalist doctor's ~! (im not 100% confident on the capability of herbalist doctors in Chicago) Once u r there, u may find He will have u looked over and make a herbal list specially according to ur own health status. What's more, u have to go to him every week to change the prescription coz ur states r being changed over time. which means , u may spend plenty of money as well as time. And the point is u should be patient enough to insist on this treatment and put ur whole faith in it for 6 or more months.Trust me. It deserves. BTW ,the effeciency largely depends on the level of the doctor and ur own will.Best wishes.^o^

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