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Things are looking GREAT!



Well I'm over most of this cold, hard to say if accutane is giving me any other side effects at the moment because I've been sick anyway. I did have a HUGE headache yesterday, but as I said: can't really blame it on the accutane.

As for my face, well, it's looking amazing! It's totally clear and soft :) My chin has improved greatly and is hardly red or flaky anymore. It's still dry (as is my whole face) but definitely controllable with large amounts of moisturizer. In fact, I used my extremely gentle Trilogy exfoliating cream in the shower the other day and I really think it helped to reduce the flaky "rough" feeling of my chin and my moisturizer seemed to sink in better. During the day I've been using Dermaveen, then Hamilton Face sunblock over the top of that. I sometimes use a tiny bit of concealer over my old red spots (but they are fading fast) and I use my Burt's Bees tinted lip balm if I'm going out. If I'm at home, it's just plain ol' Carmex. At night time, I use rosehip oil and then Dermaveen over the top of that. I tried using my BB cream the other day actually and it was a disaster! It just sat on top of my face, emphasizing my dry parts, and it felt really thick. Yuck! I ended up taking it right off again. I think it's one of those products I'll have to wait for after accutane is over.

I must say, my moisturizer Dermaveen is FANTASTIC, but it's one of those products that really only seems to work well for me when I'm using accutane. When my skin is "normal" (even if it's feeling dry), Dermaveen doesn't really feel all that good. Right now though, I don't know what I'd do without it. It really is my saviour.

So although I'm really happy that my skin looks so lovely right now, I'm a bit worried that I have missed the initial breakout and maybe it's still to come when I least expect it??!! Right now though, it doesn't look as though there's any HINT of a pimple or cyst coming up, and the initial redness of my face is all but gone. At this point (last time around), it was smooth sailing. :|


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