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okay so my insuranse will not cover my relapse that my doc. wanted from 60 mg(this month 6) to 40mg to 20mg. It will only cover if in 3 mo. my acne returns...ugh how stupid!

well all of my acne is goneeeeeeee!! i just cant beleive it. i really have no emotion..idk, i just thought that after accutane and my skin would be clear i would the most happpiest person in the whole world. and of course i am REALLLYYY happy, but im sad that i wasnt happy before. I HOPE ALOT OF PEOPLE READ THIS. You guys, acne or not...the day will still be, and we must accept stuff about ourselves, make negative positive, and be content. i know its really hard living with acne..going out in public..wondering what people think of you..etc, it just gets realy tough and i am someone who would understand. i had acne since 4th grade on and off..mostly on. now im finishing jr. year. the point is, the world will always be tough. we just have to be tougher than it. trying to shrug off all the mean people, and making everything the best for ourselves. i really hope my acne doesnt return when i am done,.. if it does, i know i can get accutane again.. but i just want to be free of medicine and stuff for once in my life.. but its okay , she gave me a:

Glycolix Gly-SAL 2-2 wash.. it contains salicylic acid and glycolic acid.


Duac topical gel

To maintain my clarity & not to break out. WHICH I HOPE I HOPE I DONNTT ='(..

I am just very thankful right now, alot of people have told me my skin is wonderful and etc now. Im just a bad critic of myself. Iv always had low self esteem and iv always thought very low of myself. But i have always known i have allllottttt of potential. which i am now going to apply to my life. so yah, i know some of you are reading this and saying.." yah its easy to say just be happy &stuff especially now that your skin is clear.. but its still really hard with acne." i totally understand and im sorry if its getting anyone mad because alot of people used to tell me that. but one day when your skin is clear you will realise just like me...

but anyways, i hope this wash and topical works. &in my head im just going to think that i will not break out, im not going to stress, im going to continue living a healthy life, getting sleep, and all will be well. '!

i wish everyone else luck =)

im not a steady updater, so sorry if any of you were wanting to hear whats been happening.

my dryness towards everything realy went away.. like everything is totally normal now.

i think the really big effect i got on accutane was just tiredness. right now im so tired even though i slept so much today and had my had down in like every class. idk whats wrong with me, but i guess its just because its the end of the school year and i just want it to be doneee. ugh.

i will update again talking abt my new wash routine and accutane after im done..


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OH YAH, i almost forgot. the whole nose swelling thing i talked about went away. i cant beleive some of the stuff i said lol. im so open minded.

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