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Rough 2 months



I can't believe I slacked on updating you all on my regimen and posting duties! :) .. SO here's what has happened in my life for the past 2-3 months.

I just finished up my last semester in college for Culinary Arts Bachelors degree. So I'm very excited that it's over. I just graduated yesterday. However these months were rough.. i hated taking 6 classes and working lol just so i can graduate on time. O well Life is rough sometimes and things happen!

Any who, Spring break in march was fun! I didn't end up going to the dermatologist.. i just didn't have the $$$ and time to go. So that idea is X'd out!

However i did change my regimen!. My aunt suggested I should try black soap so for $5 for 4oz i said what the heck! I bought the soap [email protected] http://shea-essentials.com. This is also where I get my Shea butter from ( FREE SHIPPING ON THE SHEA BUTTER).

When i 1 st tried it it itched my face the first 3 times.. my skin always does that because its either

a) a new product or

b) it wont work for me not matter how many chances i give it :|

SO i decided to use black soap for a week.. and omg! amazing!!! amazing amazing!!

Honestly, i never thought this soap would work! It actually works better than the Aubrey organics sea buck-thorn!! :)

I have not had any problems with this soap after using it since spring break. The other astonishing part about using this soap is that, my skin is much smoother, my acne scars have reduced a lot.. and I don't need to take 6 Herpanacine pills every day... I can now take at least 3 a day and my skin is fine.. This is amazing!! Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.

I don't have to spend $7 for Aubrey organics bottle every month. I can now spend $4-5 on black soap and it lasts me 2 months + !!

Below I've posted my regimen. If anyone has any questions about black soap feel free to send me a message or comment below and i will answer them for you!

May 2010:

Black Soap

Sea Buck thorn & Cucumber w/ Ester- C Toner

Tea- Tree Oil

Dan's Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

Shea Butter (moisturizer)(optional)


Herpanacine Pills (2-3 per day)



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