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Day 14



Howdy all :| So i guess you can say that the initial breakout has begun i guess. Or at least i think it has haha. I have like 4 cysts and my blackheads seem to be "coming out". Uhh i cant wait for this to be over!!! My nose, face and lips are endlessly dry and my mouth cracked open on the very corners so i cant open my mouth all the way. Ive been putting lotion on all the time but it doesnt seem to be helping much and my lips just suck up the chapstick like nothing. My head and body get pretty itchy at times but its manageable.

Ive managed to pop two of the really big ones which is probably a bad idea and might leave scars but i just couldnt help myself. They were just gross.

So far i have missed two doses but i guess its not a biggie. The first time i missed it was like maybe a week into it. And the second time was a few days ago. But it stays in your system for a bit so i think everything is good.

But i guess thats all i have to say for the night. Ttyl

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you that i think im getting the blurry vision from the accutane. ive worn glasses for like 2 years but my vision isnt bad enough to where i have to wear glasses all the time. And i rarely wear them unless i have a headache. But lately ive noticed that its harder to focus and far distances are blurier. But yeah. Thought you'd like to know.


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