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Day 6

Accutane Experience


More dry patches around my nose, forehead, chin. Still just a few new pimples, 1 new one and 2 that are healing. This isn't bad for me and typical. I'm waiting for the initial break out to happen. Maybe it won't? The pimples I do have, seem to heal very fast, and then the skin peels all around them. My eyes are still very dry, skins still itchy all over,my lips need something on them at all times, my nose feels stuffy and is bloody when I blow it. I'm achy. I feel like I have the flu, that deep body ache. I want that to go away. Everything else is tolerable. I'm also very tired.

One side effect I'm particularly worried about, is the potential for headaches. I am currently on 2 daily preventatives for migraine headaches: Topamax, and Nortriptyline. My derm. did mention the the Claravis increasing inter-cranial pressure, not a good thing for headache sufferers. I've already had one bad headache on day 2. I'm hoping to keep them under control, since I'm on the 2 medications. We'll see. I have to find a way to clear up my skin and keep headaches away.

Oh, tonight I'll take some pictures. They won't be true before pictures, since my skin has cleared significantly since I was on the doxycycline for a month before starting the Claravis, but I have a lot of scaring. I wish I had true before pics....no, wait, I don't!


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