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Day 11



So today was a little better, my face is still dry but a little less flakey :| I still havent had the initial breakout which i have to say is starting to piss me off. I mean im not looking forward to it but i'd rather get it over with sooner than later. And get my clear skin asap. I havent seen much of any difference in my skin besides the dry ness.

My lips feel really funny though lol. They are really dry but not the kinda dry where they crack and peel. They almost feel like i got a facial peel but just on my lips. Like just really dry and tight. Ive been putting on chapstick like crazy but it hasnt done much.

I had really bad back pains last night while i was at work. But im not sure what to blame it on cause i used to get bad back pain so im not positive its the accutane. But my eyes are increadibly dry. They hurt alot and i can seem to keep them moist. But I'm going to bed im super tired. Nighty Night!!


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