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day 13



Ok so its day 13..

god, it feels like times going by so slowlyy at the moment.

But my skin is looking slightly better today, touch wood! ( i am literally touching wood right now as i type this :|) my skin feels smoother and less bumpy, and i haven't had any new breakouts for 2 days, which is pretty awesome for me so im very happy about that! Im hoping that this is the end of my initial breakout..but it's only been 2 weeks so dont worry im not gonna get my hopes up just yet, as if ill be that lucky!

had a minor breakdown yesterday, about my appearance (but not related to my acne) so im pretty sure that was thanks to the pill messing with my hormones, luckily it wasn't at work and was only in front of my mum lol!

I have also been eating like a cow, and by that i mean i have been eating a SH*T load! i have read tons of reviews from people saying that they have put on lots of weight when taking this pill and now i can see why lol. I am pretty much hungry all the time and i am eating everything in site! ...but i shouldn't blame it intirely on the pill, it may cause me to crave more, but it doesnt mean i have to eat it :) soo ill be working on cutting down the amount of crap ive been eating, plus im sure the fatty foods isn't going to help my skin either :)

im in one of those moods where i could probably go on forever, but i wont cause no doubt i will be writing some more jargen in a day or two!

bye for now xxx


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