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Last cycle!



I'm almost done with my last cycle! I haven't been on here in a long time. My skin is completely clear...PERFECT! I only have about 8 or 9 days left of Claravis. My doctor said the drug can stay in my body for as long as 42 days. My skin is awesome...I used to get dry patches but now everything is good. I'm using CeraVe cleanser but I changed my moisturizer. I'm using Clinique's redness relief solution. It smells great and my skin doesn't get dry during the day at all. I have some hyperpigmentation on my skin. However, I have a blue-red light lamp that I sometimes use which helps a lot! (20 minutes 3 times a week.) My hair has been falling out a lot more though. I'm not going bald...just noticing that more and more hair is coming out. My eyes are a little bit blurry now. And the obvious: dryness and bloody noses. I can't wait till I can go 5 minutes without having chapstick on though. Ugh this drug has kicked my butt...TOTALLY worth it though. It's sad to see someone with acne because I know what they are going through. I wish Accutane was available to everyone. And wasn't so expensive. And didn't have this government crap regulating it. It's not right to have people go through depression with acne. Anyway, I'm hoping everyone is finding their own little miracle because I found mine!


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