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Week 2 completed!



hello all! so i have officially passed my two week mark of accutane today! I have mixed emotions though. on one hand i am happy that i am taking this pill that has promised to clear my skin 99% within a few months, but on the other hand i can truly feel the effects on this pill within my body and it's not great. my lips have never been so dry, my face, body and scalp. everytime i bend over, my back aches so much i cringe, or when i bend down my knees have ache sensation like never before also, my finger nails have started to thin. things that i am liking about the accutane effects so far however are, how less oily my face gets if it even gets oily at all, along with the clearing of my acne scars.

condition of skin: alot less redness, 75% less oil production, clearing of pimples and roughness of my forheard. however i do have one new cystic pimple on my chin along with 2 on my forhead.


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