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Day 1



Hey all, my name is Rory Jay and I've been experiencing acne for about 3 years now. My mental health is pretty solid, though at times when I break out I can go back to my "shit's lame" view point.

Over the past 3 years I have drastically changed my what I put in my body. I eat mostly an organic diet; avoiding milk, gluten, sugar, soy, meat/fish(not for acne, just health in general), chocolate, and processed foods. I love the diet I'm on. It feels good treat my body well, and the long term affects of a poor diet(cancer, stroke, heart disease, obesity) make this diet essential whether acne exists or not.

I've gone months without breaking out, though I eventually broke my routine and gone back to poor habits. I.E. over eating(my biggest culprit) and too much alcohol.

With the help of my brother, I'm his first personal trainer client, I will be tracking my food and weight room workout. While I'm blogging other parts of my health, I though this would be a good time to blog my acne situation.

May 12th

Right Side


Left Side




I'll be updating daily (if I break out and why i think I did) and will be doing weekly posts discussing my current 'feelings' or whatever lol.

Have a great day.

- Milky

Edit: It seems as though only my 'left side' picture is working. (copy/paste) I'll address this situation soon. I said earlier about how I track my food. I think this is essential to taking care of our bodies. Yes, we certainly know what we put in our mouths, but to the extent as to 'how much' can be better seen clearly if we track our food.

I use livestrong.com/myplate, there are other websites as well.

Tracking is great step no matter what acne situation you are in. Logging your daily diet is important so that when u do/if you breakout, you can reflect exactly on what, and how much you put into your body. Journaling takes the 'guess work' out of the food-allergy situation.

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I have changed my diet up this past week and have noticed improvements.I am limiting my carb intake. I also am only intaking 1 serving of a fruit a day, I was eating around 3-4 and breaking out along my jaw and chin.Also in order to easily count calories/reduce my total food intake I am doing intermittently-fasting. i.e. only eating from 12pm-9pm. I have done this before and seen great results. I didn't a have a breakout for months when I was ingesting smaller meals and not eating after 9. I've read that your body has trouble digesting foods in the evening hours. I've also noticed I fall asleep much easier. I was told my a natural heath doctor that the best thing you can do for your liver is to give it 14 hours of rest everyday. So if you have your last meal at 8pm. Don't eat anything until 10 the next day. The one breakout I did this have past week I easily overate. If i sit in front of the tv, I have a terrible time controlling myself when dining. I had a salad and 2 vegan protein shakes. No more of that.I've also decided to only look in the mirror once a day in the morning. I've done this before and my mood day-to-day was wonderful. If your not thinking about acne, it CAN NOT bog you down. I believe in intention i.e. the more you think about acne, the more problems you will have with it.Love yall.-peace

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