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acne once left and now will not go away



I am very frustrated! I once had very bad acne in high school, bad enough that some people would call me pizza face. i moved out of my parents house and into my sisters where i was on acne free face wash as well as minocycline. After about 6 months, my face was clear and easy to maintain. later i moved back in with my parents and a couple months later my acne came back. i have been struggling ever since. i have tried so many things. MY dermintoligist put me on benzoxoyl face wash 2%,4%,and 8% at different times, as well as tried many creams;( TAZORAC, EPIDUO, ACZONE, AS WELL AS BP PRODUCTS. none have been able to help much. I have used PRO ACTIVE, acne free and it all seems to help, but i am never completely clear. my face is always RED. i have used gentle cleansers like cetifill and nothing has changed. I am curious if you can just up and get that skin disease roscea? does any body know. the redness is all over my face. now, i am trying acne.org's regiment! but now im getting pretting a pretty dry face and it still is very red. how much lotion r u guys using? so i'm trying to figure out why i cleared up so well once upon a time when i lived with my sister, and now cant figure out how to fix it for my life. it is seriously taking up my life.


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