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My chin! My chin!



No, it's not breaking out, but it's looking quite funny. Not funny ha ha either! I woke up this morning and it's quite red and blotchy. The skin is flaky (as it's starting to be all over my face) and it has a "waxy" appearance. Very hard to describe, but kinda plastic looking (not in a good way). It may be the extra moisturizer I'm piling on or it may be that my chin is slightly swollen! It looks a bit fat all over. There are no pimples, but it looks blotchy and unattractive. I'm still kind of happy though, I like that accutane is working and I know from experience that this "ugly" phase doesn't last long. I think of it as an acid peel where you look like a hideous creature for a few days, but then once the skin comes off you looks porcelain smooth :|

I warned my husband today that I may have to go into hiding for a few days, that means I don't want to go out or have people over. He understands that it's just temporary and I just want to avoid questions and embarassment. It's funny, because I'm quite a confident person except when it comes to this. It's hard to explain about acne at my age. If someone sees me, I'll just say I had an allergic reaction to something. You know I think it's in my head mostly and I must not look as bad as I think, because my kids (who are at the very HONEST ages of 6 and 8) have not said anything about my face :)

Other symptoms at the moment are dry eyes, fatigue, dry/sore lips and hang nails. Nothing is too bad though. Oh, the other weird thing is I feel kind of crusty bumps around my hair line. I'm not sure what that is, maybe dry skin falling off or maybe I have blackheads there that are coming to the surface? (I have been known to get hairline zits!) Anyway, I'm trying not to scratch them off. Also, the old cyst mark I had on my forehead is not quite gone as I had thought. It's very tiny, but there is a little crusty scab over it (looks like a flake of dry skin) today which I am just going to wait until it drops off. I think it may be the last traces of the pore blockage (that caused the cyst in the first place) coming to the surface.


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