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Day 87~ Being strong...



Day 87

Mood: :|

It's been awhile since i've last updated you guys! It's been a hectic few weeks for me. I'm currently doing my training for my new job. I'm at a new environment, with ppl I don't know, at a place i've never been in...and seriously, EVERYONE has nice skin.

I wonder why I was chosen to have bad skin...I've never experienced this before. I've never been in a situation where I had the worst skin...i've always been an outgoing, bubbly girl. But let me tell ya, it's been hard. In a way it doesn't bother me as much as day 1 on accutane. But either way, i've been trying to hold a brave face in front of everyone, my soon to be colleagues, instructors and of course with my roomate. Thank goodness I've got an awesome roomate. When i'm staying indoors, I try not to wear makeup but sometimes I just do to make myself feel better.

I've been wearing makeup almost everday~ I just purchased Almay skin clearing foundation...i read somewhere that it's good for acne prone skin. It doesn't cover the acne marks that well but at least i know that it's preventing my acne from coming back. I've also purchased Mederma- scar management gel. I've also researched on it, and it apparently works....we'll just have to see. Only time will tell...will update u all if it's really worthwhile to purchase. I hope it's okay to use it when i'm on accutane. I've been using it for about a week and it seems ok.

As for my skin, it's getting better everyday. Seriously i can't wait till the end of the day everyday to pop my 2 pills. I try to stay strong and put up a positive face in front of everyone, knowing and hopign that soon I will have flawless skin....I trust that. I know month 3 is when ppl see a lot of improvement so i'm happy that I'm going into month 3 now...

For all of you...I couldn't wait till month 3..seemed to drag on. But it will come and everyday you'll be looking forward to the next day and the next.

I just had one zit on my cheeks and it went away in 3 days. My face is clear of acne with maybe a couple of clogged pores. I have a lot of red marks and some scars on my cheeks which makes it look like i have acne but i don't. I hope these red marks goes away....seriously if the red marks are gone...it would look like i have flawless skin with very few bumps. Month 3 i'm looking forward to it!!

With my training and an intense schedule it helps me to put my mind elsewhere other than my skin which helps a lot. But I can't help but compare myself to the other girls with perfect skin....

Also just to update~ i have finished the P90X! Man let me tell ya it's been hard....i never knew i could have the motivation for it, but with time, and committment it shows u can do anything!

Good luck to everyone on your progress =)


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