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Just a lil update

Laurie Jay


So, not much to report on the acne side of things. I've been a bit bad with picking (argh) but not too bad. It's just that when I run my hands across my face (haha also bad) if I feel aything that could come off, off it goes. Eh sounds disgusting imo but oh well. Other than that not much.

I've been contemplating on why it is that I have acne. I don't think it's hormones due to my age because one- I got acne at a really young age. Granted, I was a really early bloomer....hm. Well okay it possibly could have been hormones but I'm still iffy about that. Especially since I don't break out around menstruation time. I just break out whenever.

I also know (this is a for sure know) that it's not caused by stress. Because guess who has had Ap exams since last Friday? Me! And I'm not breaking out. Haha I'm not particularly stressed anymore as my only AP that I cared about is past. But still, I hardly, if ever get stressed out. Like, it's weird how little stress I experience. Haha I'm just one of those people who'll bottles things up and leave them for later. So stress= no.

I don't think it's genetic as no one in my family has acne. Like my mom doesn't, my grandma doesn't look like she did, same with the gramps, and my dad's side of the family.

Food related? I don't have the best diet but I don't break out more after certain foods. When I was younger my parents played into the "chocolate gives you acne" myth, and so I went around saying I was allergic to chocolate. Pffft. No. Love chocolate, and it doesn't break me out.

So I'm kind of stumped.... do I just have acne to have it? If there was a cause then I'd be a bit happier as then I could fix it properly. But sadly, I don't know. So I'll stick with the regimen, and hopefully fade the PIH and that's that.

Hope you guys have a great day wherever you may be!


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