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Start of Week 2 On The Reg. Update



To anyone actually following my blog, which is so rad and everyone should, I apologize for the lack of updates here in the past week. I think life sometimes just throws some surprises at us, to say the least I was busy. With the moving out, finishing my freshmen year in college, and even getting my first internship. A long week, but full of the excitement that only living life to the fullest can bring.

Anyway lets move away from this and one to acne and my progress on The Regimen. Overall, I have not seen much improvement I seem to get the same amount of breakouts. However the regimen seem to provide a faster turnover rate for this acne, by this I mean they breakouts seem to dry up and vanish more rapidly. One thing that I have to admit, I have been popping whitehead(it is just to hard to resist!). I need desperately need to break this popping habit as it leads to scarring, but they are so hideous and a quick fix is hard to resist.

I will continue the regimen, also I have been watching some of Dan's videos and I am going to go buy a ZINC supplement, in the hopes that it will help me.

Also a side note, I am worried about the scarring that will emerge once some of the acne has cleared. So any tips on how to reduce or eliminate scarring are welcome. Please Post them below along with you comments and other insights.

here is an updated photo! ------->



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