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Day 7



Holy Cow!!!! Everything itches :) Especially my head, its killing me. I used a bbunch of conditioner tonight when i took a shower so hopefully that'll help out a little. But my whole body seems to be drying out. I still havent had the dreaded initial breakout, and lets just hope that it doesnt come and i go straight to healing! but i doubt i'll be that lucky.

Uhmmm well i guess i'll just cover some stuff that i didnt in my first post. I've had acne since i was in 5th grade which i guess i was like 10 ish. I have more blackheads than anything. I'd say 85% of my acne is blackheads. Which is my whole chin, my whole nose, most of my forhead and on my chest. And the other 15% is the big pimples which i get on my cheeks and back which is where most of my scaring is too. I was put on this not because of the severety of my acne but because of how persistent it is.

I am 110 lbs and i'm on 60 mg a day of Claravis. I'll be on it for at least 5 months but my doctor is pretty open to changing my miligrams and extending my treatment time depending on how i react. Along with the Claravis i'm on yaz birth control. Which i have got to say has been more annoying than the Claravis so far lol. I havent had any of the horrible side effects that everyone talks about but i cry over EVERYTHING now. its pretty rediculous.

But yeah besides the dry skin i havent noticed really any differences. I hope i see some sort of change in the week to come. Or at least by my birthday which is at the end of the month. But i guess i've rambled enough for one post lol. If you want to know anything just ask! Ttyl :|


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