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Day 10 - 3rd day of 40mg, things are happening



Yesterday was Mother's Day and we went out for the day. Seeing as I've been noticing my insane level of photosensitivity, I slathered on sunblock and carried around my favourite parasol all day (if you're looking at getting one, I highly recommend abitshady.com.au). I'm pretty sure that no sun touched my skin all day :|

My face is becoming a bit red and flaky now, in particular my chin area. I'm pretty stoked about that actually, as it means the drug is working. My chin is my worst area, so I'm glad it's working on that first. The old cyst on my forehead just kinda flaked off yesterday too, thank God after all this time! My lips are a bit stingy and dry and my skin overall is a bit tingly/stingy/sensitive. I've been using my Rosehip oil (night time and in the morning, a few drops under my sunscreen) and this seems to be keeping it under control. I used a tiny bit of makeup today and it looks a bit weird on my skin right now, like I'm trying to cover sunburn or something. I'm also having to reapply lip balm every couple of hours, but that's expected.

All in all, I'd say it's going well so far :) I don't have any pimples right now btw, just some old red marks. When will the IB come? Will it come at all? Stay tuned.....


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