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Day 126 + roa



Luckely the cysts disappeared fast. The last week has been okay and it was really a relieve! It just feels so much better when your face is relaxed and it doesn't hurt all the time. I even tried to flirt with some guys again :|

I'll be seeing my dermatologist this tuesday again. I think she might want to bring up the doses a bit more. But I'll just hope that she'll say something good and that my 'progress' is okay. Still I'm scared that the cysts will get worse again, as they always do.

But we'll see!

Acne: it's okay (small cysts, redness);

Roa: 27 days, 20 mg/day, total 540 mg;

Side-effects: dry lips, dry and itchy hands, muscular pain, low back pain.


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