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PTR product, March, 2010



April 15th, 2010, I've decided to switch to PTR product with sulfur. I've done some research on the internet and sulfur seemed to be a better choice for people who are not doing good with BP. I went to Sephora, and the sales guy was pretty nice and gave me some advice said that sulfur will help to bring down the inflammation inside the pimple and make it flat. I was happy to hear that because at that time, I had about 3 small pimple on the left side of my face, the right side ( the always broke-out-more side was clear ), so I really hoped that the PTR acne spot and area treatment will help the pimple flat, and I can cover with makeup. Along with the spot treatment, I also brought the PTR oil-free cleanser with 2% SA.

During the first week of using the product, my 3 small pimples went down like the sales guy said. The sulfur smelled bad, but I thought that I can take anything if it clears up my skin. In the mean time, I increased my water intake, and just jope to be clear day by day with this new regimen. Then in the next 2 weeks, it was hell for me, I had cystic acne appearing in a group of 6 on the right side of my face!!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, BIG cysts that cannot come to head. At that time, I thought maybe it was suppose to be an initial breakout from the new product- sulfur. But no matter how much makeup i use ( I usually don't wear much makeup, so when I do, it's weired ) trying to cover up the cysts, they look reddish pupple to me, and from far away, I looked like someone hit the right side of my face and gave me buises. I can't even look in the mirror, I am really depressed.

I can't believe I still get acne at 28, I have a husband, and 2 children. I don't even want my children to see me like this, without makeup, I just look like a mess. Sometimes, I really fear for my children, will they have bad skin like me in their teens? 20s? 30s? I have beautiful kids, and they have beautiful smooth baby skin, I really pray for them that their skin will stay the way it is right now!

I had acne in my teens, and during my pregnancy with my 2nd baby, after gaving birth, I had always been on BCP. Never ever had cystic acne appearing in groups, and all at once. So I gave up the OTC med, and called my Derm, whom I haven't seen since 2006. That's how long my skin had been clear, I really can't remember how bad my skin was, but certainly not as bad as of right now.


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