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Feb 28, 2010 Clinique counter visit



It all started in Feb this year, when I went to the mall, passing by the Clinique counter and saw the new product Even Better Clinical spot treatment. At that time, I had only one small zit on the top of my eyebrowse, and some past acne marks, my face was not spotless, but I didn't have any major breakout either. I had stop taking Yaz back in Sept , 2009 becuase I was on the pill for 8 years. I think the pill really helps my face stay clear every month, but Ive heard that being on the pill for too long is not good for the body. So I decided to buy the even better thinking maybe it will help with my old scars. I was also running out of toner, so the lady suggested me to buy the Salicylic toner 2%, saying that will prevent any pimples. I thought maybe that was what I needed to be clear once and for all, so I brought the SA toner, not knowing that it contains alcohol. What a big mistake I made, after using the toner for a week, my skin started to break out, BIG TIME, I had 2 cyst on the right side of my face ( my right side ) of face had always broke out more than the other side. So at that time, I thought maybe this is due to my hormones around my period time, but I had not broke out in cyst before. I went to Clinique to ask questions, the sales

lady recommended me to buy the acne solution, since I had already brought the toner. So that was when it all started my acne nightmare... I kept breaking out more and more everyday, I've called the Clinique direct and ask them why was this happening, they told me that it's normal for me to break out because the SA is bring out all the acne under the skin. They sounded reasonable, so I continued...

The BP in the step 3 really was makin me itching all around my face, to the point that I even wake up middle of the night of itching, so 2 weeks into the new regimen, I stopped using BP and just continued with the step 1 and 2, and their acne mask every 2 days. My break outs increased, even in places I had never break out before, like my neck, my forehead and the most weird place was the space under my nose and above my upper lip. I had a big zit and I couldn't resist to pop and ended up like a female Hitler from hell! I was hopeless, I had used Clinique for 5 weeks and no improvement.


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