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Week 9



I've posted some photo's now in the Member's Gallery - terrible quality though and now I really wish i'd taken better care at doing them as at this point a good photo diary would be useful to compare. :dance:

This week has not been good - very similar to last week actually and no real improvement! It's disappointing but I have been reading the boards for encouragement and I know I need to wait till week 12 at least.... Roll on week 12! However, I think i am going to run out of Differin soon so might need to see the derm before then - I wasted some the other day and i have been using it a few times in the morning as well as at night (naughty i know but when i'm having a bad day it makes me feel better...)

I got some allergy results back this week and I am allergic to cockroaches!! Random! And to dust, animal hair but not to milk! However, this doesn't pick up lactose intolerance so I still think I have that and also am kinda blaming my bad skin the last few weeks on having a bit more milk/cheese than usual...

Differin: V oily skin as usual...More blackheads than usual and many new cysts this week on right jawline/neck as well as some by my ears. Also broken out a bit on cheeks and everything seems to be inflamed. Overall pretty bad and is probably the worst week since starting. :)

AHA: Back bumps have improved slightly but the ones left have turned into small red spots now, some red marks left from inflamed spots and some new cysts forming. A little better than last week and no irritation so I'm keeping on with the AHA with a bit of manual exfoliation. Chest is pretty bad. Still many blocked pores and red marks.

Diet: No different from usual in China apart from me now taking a lactose intolerance cure thingy. I started 3 days ago and it should build up the bacteria in my body by giving me small doses of good bacteria and enzymes so I should be able to process lactose again. I'm not planning on eating loads of dairy after, but when I do eat it in small amounts, my digestive system will be able to tolerate it more which has got to be a good thing. If the dairy products are affecting my skin as well though I really don't think it will help much with that! It may make it worse in the short term which will be a pain but I need a cure for my skin which is not going to be affected by diet and seasonal changes etc.

Exercise: No time this week :(, Just 1 yoga and maybe 1 today as well! I can also start swimming now but I'm just building up the courage considering my skin is worse now than last time I went..

Mood: V stressed with work this week again, so busy! And I have a new chinese teacher who is going to be tough on me hehe!

Weather: Its so hot, stuffy and damp here at the moment that everything is going mouldy! It is definitely not good for my skin as bacteria is growing like mad everywhere - even my turtle has fungal mouth rot! :)

Roll on better times ahead because I really want this retinoid stuff to work rather than going on accutane! :|

I really like these icons hehe!


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