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Week Seventeen: Day 114



Sorry I've been so lazy! But I'm here to report I did reorder the regimen and my skin is doing splendid. Unfortunately I did get one big zit a bit under my eye again, but after one night with AHA+ the size was reduced. I'm actually glad I got it because I was able to see how much better my skin was! To think that acne used to be ALL OVER and they've been reduced to little black spots is pretty incredible.


Here's a progress picture of a bit over sixteen weeks on the regimen! Yep, reached the eight week mark twice! Booyah!

So I'm also going to try and be more proactive with my sunscreen by putting it on every day I go outside. I'm also going to use AHA+ every OTHER night instead of every night, it was the reason I was so dramatically flaky. And more good news! I now have in my possession acne.org jojoba oil (my j key works again! Hurray ^.^!). Its price is cheaper than the one I got from trader joes AND there's twice as many fluid ounces. Maybe it was a bit more expensive. I really don't remember but it was relatively similar in price with twice as much so either way thats awesome.

I've been in a pretty good mood today. Yesterday I took some of this pretty fabric I've had for some time out my closet and then I cut some of it off and wore it around my head today. It worked real well as a headband but not so well as a hairband in gym class (haha,..being blinded by your own hair in field hockey sucks) Oh and some people are simply challenged in the head. Thats what I believe. We tied them and then they "scored" by cheating (as in not facing off before we started, and telling the teammate who told them they had to face off to shut up) Then they insisted they won. Luckily the teacher didn't ask who won because I would of made an ass out of myself trying to expose their impudent ways >.<

But yeah, life XP


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