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2010 blog, finally been given Roaccutane



My acne started around 3 years ago , however it wasn't that bad, only the odd blackhead every so often.. Starting Jan 2009 my acne became rather bad, and i started to get really depressed about it.. (Probably making it worse)

Dec 2008 - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/monthly_12_2008/post-89678-1228673179_thumb.jpg

After seeing my GP he prescribed Dianette for me.

Jan 2009 - http://img33.picoodle.com/img/img33/3/1/11...76m_6b610b1.jpg (as you can see this was getting much worse, (sorry about the quality of the pic))

Feb 2009 - My skin is so sore, with lumps and bumps, very sore to touch, it was swollen..


I could not go on with this, i didn't want to be on Dianette, because it made it much worse, and i hated myself.

The GP then prescribed Oxytetracycline, that was great compared to everything else i had tried.. Finally something was working. My acne became much better, and i wasn't getting hardly any breakouts.

April 7th 2010 - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/post-a26533-After.gif.html

I did not want to stay on Anti-biotics for ever , and either did my GP, so i came off the Oxytetracycline.

He then prescribed Doxycycline, but this was making me ill.. I was very dizzy and sick. I could not use them at all..

I have now been off all tablets, and have not had any since April ... I posted this thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/working-t...18#entry2844918 thinking that this was going to be great and i would be fine if i came off all tablets..

1 week after posting that thread, it all came back... :)

I went back to the doctors, and this was finally when the doctor said i could go and see a Dermatologist! Wohoo :|

So i went yesterday, he was a very nice chap who looked at me - within 2 seconds he said i had bad acne, and it was not uncommon in people my age ...

I did not have to ask for it, but he said i could go on Roaccutane, i told him i had heard of it, so he told me all about the side effects etc (also asked me why a lot of people got the impression that the side effects were bad, - because i said to him that i had heard they weren't too good.. lol)

So , i should be getting these tomorrow, and i look forward to trying them out..

I really do hope this works for me....

May 5th 2010 -



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