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B5: day 29



I've been on megadose B5 for ONE MONTH! So far, there is a huge difference in terms of oil production on my face. But it's not something miraculous in terms of clearing acne. I still get pimples here and there but inevitably, there is a huge difference with the amount of pimples I was getting prior to B5 and the amount that I'm getting now. I guess I'm having higher expectations. During the time when my face broke out like mad (I was having at least 3-4 new pimples per day, ranging from small papules to cysts), I was hoping to have 1-2 at a time. Now that I'm getting 1-2 at a time, I'm hoping for absolute clear skin. But if I do have to give an unbiased review on B5, I would say it works. I've reduced my doseage recently to 4x4 (4 pills at a time; 4 times a day). It works the same and I'm having less side effects, such as diarrhea. I guess with B5, we are trying to eliminate one of the many factors that causes acne, and that is oil production. From my experience, the difference between B5 and DKR is B5 ONLY reduces your oil production (you're still having oil on your face - but less) whereas DKR's BP makes your skin SO dry that there is absolutely no oil on your face. By comparing the two, I see faster results with DKR than B5. However, since DKR stopped working for me now that I've moved to a humid city for school (it doesn't DRY up my skin like it used to in toronto), my only alternative is B5.

Anways, in terms of my face, the cyst that I was talking about LEAKED yesterday! :| Now I'm left with a reddish/purple mark on my face that is quite obvious actually. But at least it's flat and I can cover it easily with my makeup. Aside from the cyst, I got two new pimples today. :) As I was inspecting my face earlier, my face was full with red acne scars. From the pictures that I took few years ago with DKR, it seems like the recovery period lasted for 2-3 months. I was having the intital break out in around March/April, and my face was absolutely clear in May. By August, almost of all the scars/red marks faded away. I'm hoping that the scars will fade away FAST. If my face is NOT clearing within the near future, I might consider BCP again. :)


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