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Night Before



Tonight is the night before treatment. Im feeling really low because of my skin at this point. I have gotten my blood work done, test results should make it to the derm by tomorrow morning and they will most likely have the prescription ready by tomorrow afternoon. Making tomorrow DAY 1. I am really excited to start, I have done about a month of research, I am aware of all the side effects, approaching it with an optimistic outlook. I really wanted to document the whole experience to provide a great and thorough log for those thinking about accutane. I have recently just broken up with my girlfriend of three years, I love her dearly still. But I get really down about that too :) , so im lookin for a little moral support here. Ive heard people blog about how blogging is helpful since accutane can be quite a mental and physical toll on oneself. haha. :| But I hope to document weekly, maybe even more frequently. I know that i shouldnt be so worried about my outward appearance, I am comfortable with who I am for the most part, I just am sick and tired of these scars left from my active cysts. Im twenty years old, been suffering with mild to moderate acne since I was 13. I have been on amoxycillin, all types of minocycline, including solodyn. I have been on Doxycycline, nearly all tetracyclines and all that jazz. hah. I dont even remember all the stuff I have ingested, its sad. I have used everything under the sun topically. Some would reduce the amount of acne, and I would feel good. But it always came back. and come back worse. I have tried everything holistically to no avail. Its time I fix this acne once and for all. Bring it on.

image.php?a5e4063dd4.jpg Front View

image.php?446dfa4a25.jpg Left Side

image.php?229d69eeb0.jpg Right Side


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