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you big dummy



Day 53 here. The morning after I posted my last entry I woke up with 2 pimples, one on my cheek and one on my neck again. Those are the worst! But they're gone now.

My daughter had a t-ball game on Sunday and I ran out of the house without sunscreen on. By the time I realized it, it was too late to turn back. BAD IDEA!!!

I was only out for about an hour and a half, but the sun was blazing. I'm freakin fried up like a lobster!

My moisturizer has spf in it, so my face is fine, but my arms are red as can be and really starting to dry out. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT SUNSCREEN!

I'm a bit worried because I'm going to visit a friend in North Carolina next week and our plan is to sit on the beach all day all weekend. I hope spf 75 will keep me safe.

Other than that, no real side effects. Dry lips of course, and still tired.

I've had a couple of comments of people being surprised that I'm clear so early into treatment. I just want to clarify that my skin was pretty clear before I even started treatment. But with my history of breakouts (terrible, terrible breakouts especially in the summer months), I wanted to keep it clear. I'm tired of messing around with over the counter bullshit that doesn't work. Although, I did start using Neutrogena Acne System about 6 months before I started Accutane, and that shit it AWESOME. After Accutane I will continue using it and hope I stay clear forever.


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